Creativity and creative expression are important aspects of health and well being, contributing to overall happiness and a sense of purpose in life. I have always been an avid daydreamer, storymaker and storyteller; it enlivens me and brings me into a deeper connection with myself and my community. Because of this, I am interested in working with individuals who want to experience and play with their creativity, who wish to break out of old patterns that keep them stuck, and deepen their relationship with creation.


I have written and performed, I Am Cate Blanchett, a story about falling into “the rabbit hole of crazy” and emerging in partnership with creativity and the Divine. It uses humor and poignant essays, as well as video and song, to talk about universal themes of family, love, grief, chronic illness and our human need for connection and community. I have also written a novel, Your Breath With Mine, which explores similar issues of love, grief and the resilience of the human spirit.



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