Shamanic healing is the oldest known form of healing on the planet. Ancient people from around the world often used methods similar to each other to heal a variety of afflictions. Many of these afflictions are still present in modern life and can result in what we call depression, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress. There are many practices that can help heal these issues as well as lift the burden or heaviness that often accompanies them.


I have been studying such practices since 1986, working with healers from Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Nepal and Tibet. Many of these methods can be integrated with traditional psychotherapy, and clients often come to me because of this integration, believing as I do that it enhances the healing process. It provides a holistic approach, working with the spiritual body as well as mental and emotional bodies.


In addition to individual healings, I teach classes and workshops about the shamanic journey, soul retrieval and ancestral healing, as well as facilitate rituals and ceremonies with individuals and groups. I am also licensed in the state of Minnesota to conduct marriage ceremonies.


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